Professional Services

Our Professional Services team have a proven record of delivering security solutions to major international corporations across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean & North America throughout the last 30 years.

Our team operates across multiple industries from Financial Investment Banking, Healthcare, Energy Supply & Trading, Telecoms, Marine Service as well as Cyber Security Intelligence and Industrial Operations.

We Work With You

Get Cyber Essentials Certified and be compliance with the business security standards designed by the UK Governments National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

Understand the technical vulnerabilities within your organisation. We scan and report on critical flaw on your IT systems and provide guidance on removing attack vectors.

LNDSR prepares your organisation to recognise and defend against BEC attacks.

Should you unfortunately become victim to email fraud, we work with you to minimise financial and reputational damage. We help you report the crime and engage with suppliers, banks and law enforcement to help you recover as quickly as possible.

LNDSR performs assessments to evaluate the basic security levels within your organisation.

Set against a established baselines, we work with you to identify and implement missing security keystones that will protect your organisation and your customer data key security.

Standards Compliance

With increasing threats of cyber-terrorism, malware and data theft, the prioritisation of good information security practices within a business is key to avoiding fines, reputational damage and loss of business.

Common weaknesses are often reside within the supply chain or third parties which, given a widespread of risk makes it useful to have a risk-proportional approach to assessment in this area.

Companies looking to avoid engaging with non-compliant businesses and minimise exposure to high-risk data practices can use the LNDSR Compliance service, to monitor their 3rd party suppliers.

GDPR regulations brought into effect the distinction between data processors and controller. As a Data Controller, you are not relieved of your obligations under GDPR where you use a 3rd party processor; the regulation actually places further legal obligations on you to ensure your contracts with processors are compliant. Companies have been fined significantly for breaches under the revised regulation.

As such, organisations that wish to avoid non-compliant businesses and minimise exposure to high-risk data practices can utilise the LNDSR Compliance service to understand where the risks sit in their supply chain.

LNDSR works with your teams to review your present security controls, then reports on detected shortfalls needing attention in order for your company to meet the specific criteria required for the NCSC’s Cyber Essentials certification.

We help you implement rigorous policy controls to provide structure to your technical departments in preparation to certify against the IASME Governance Standard.

Supplier onboarding is a key assurance stage for businesses to map the core information of their supply chain. The aim is to gather general information on a supplier, such as their relationship to your company, company status, basic accreditations held for their industry, insurance information. This creates the foundation of the information required to begin to understand supply chain risk, and conduct further, more specific, investigation.

Triaging suppliers into categories of impact is an important first step for an efficient assurance process. Understanding which suppliers are the most impactful, for which risks, and the order in which they need to be assessed is key to help ensure a well managed assurance process.

As organisations can have hundreds of suppliers, LNDSR Compliance provides an ideal platform for easily triaging your suppliers at scale, providing the impact categorisation that can be used in our Scorecards and Criticality matrix. Using our set of impact criteria will help support a consistent approach to managing risk in suppliers.

If you have a specific consultancy or service requirement then our Professional Services Team can help.

Our consultants have over 30 years experience in the cyber security field, so we can certainly meet your needs.

Cyber Crime

Companies big and small are impacted by cyber crime every day. The methods and complexities of attacks may vary slightly, but the impacts suffered will be real, painful, far reaching and costly for all companies and enterprises regardless of size.

We work with you to prevent data breaches, fraud and financial loss occurring due to low security controls.


Security Management

Organisations today understand the value and benefits dedicated security staff & teams bring and their role in the enterprise. However it can be difficult for companies to find the right skillsets in their geographical region or to attract staff within their budgetary constraints.

Security Management with LNDSR eases this burden provisioning remote security resources that work with you, engaging with teams & projects.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO oversees all Information and Technical security controls, interfacing with the Executive Board and the technical IT, Legal, Compliance departments.

Our virtual CISO (vCISO) provides the leadership and guidance necessary to develop and deploy an information security programme, manage the increasing risks and threats and protect your organization’s data whether you are a small to medium size business or a large enterprise with existing security functions in place. As an external advisor to your organization, our vCISO provides unbiased objective feedback at all time.

How can your company benefit from a vCISO ?

  • You can gain access to greatly knowledgable and experienced security experts, resources and services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CISO position.
  • Your organisation can gain truly objective feedback on your current security posture, risks exposures.
  • Insight into the wider security landscape impacting your industry and companies of your size / operating model.
  • Increased information security resilience and ability to decrease the likelihood of successful attacks.

Security Management with LNDSR eases this burden provisioning remote security resources that work with you, engaging with teams & projects.


Virtual Security Manager

The Security Manager role will often wear many hats within smaller companies; where staff resources are limited. With a heavy dependancy on cyber security disciplines recruiting for this role can be difficult to find candidates with the correct breadth of knowledge required.

The LNDSR vSM takes the pressures off Small & Medium Sized Enterprises by slotting in highly skilled and experienced consultants into that role.