Consultancy Services

We are the business and security consultancy partners of choice. LNDSR works with you to design security solutions specifically for your needs. We integrate leading security technology and LNDSR’s Intelligence Services to complete your projects and goals. We help businesses grow globally, delivering sustained value for clients.


Security Posture Assessment

Our Cyber Security Posture Assessment provides our customers with a reflection of their companies security footing and where improvements can be made.

Security Awareness

LNDSR supports customers ensuring employees are educated about Cyber Security. Our training highlights risks to companies as well as how best to identify & defend against them.

Discuss Your Project Needs

Audit & Compliance

We support our customers with a wide range of compliance and audit requirements from globally recognised standards to bespoke supplier or customer prerequisites.

Supplier Assurance

Security throughout a companys supply chain is paramount for the protect of their own and customers data. LNDSR works with customers to assess agreements with third-party suppliers, ensuring they manage appropriately and is aligned to Information Security best practice.