Service and Brand Protection.

MONOCLE by LNDSR is a managed service providing early notification of unauthorised changes to your organisations web accessible services. With MONOCLE, LNDSR can analyse your websites for content and code changes, alerting your teams to take immediate action.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Provision of authenticated vulnerability scanning across your companies assets & networks. We evaluate patch levels and known vulnerabilities on systems and mobile devices.

Vulnerability Reporting

Scheduled reports of software and firmware vulnerabilities impacting your company IT infrastructure.

Asset List Validation

Report on devices discovered on company networks, comparison against your company asset register, ensuring you are aware that everything connected to your network should be.

Cloud Infrastructure Scanning

Vulnerability scanning of your companies cloud based & 3rd party hosed systems / networks. Identifying known vulnerabilities residing on builds and your bespoke virtual systems.

Criticality Aerts

Assess and determine the criticality of vulnerabilities present within your organisation. Our severity level framework provides customers with an indication of the seriousness of the issue and the timescales in which they need to be fixed.

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