Forewarned, Is Forearmed.

LNDSR introduces SIREN, a managed service suited to organisations of any size. A clear and simple solution detecting vulnerabilities within your organisation, delivering timely indications; allowing your teams to focus on mitigating the exploits before they happen.

Small Teams, Many Hats.

Vulnerability Management in an organisation of any size is no easy task. In larger corporations, mature asset and inventory management is essential in order to understand the scale and scope of task in hand, just know what you have where it is and which teams are using assets an software is important when prioritising remediation and patching frameworks. Many Vulnerability Management Teams are often consumed with asset management issues, leaving little time for assessing and treating vulnerability exposure.

Core Functionality

SIREN takes away some manual workload involved in keeping on top of vulnerability analysis.

Working on predefined client data & tolerances, SIREN will work away alerting you to the most relevant data to your organisation released and analysed over the past 24hrs. SIREN operates without intrusive system loads, no bandwidth overheads and without external connectivity through your corporate gateway appliances.

Vulnerability Reporting

Scheduled reports of software and firmware vulnerabilities impacting your company IT infrastructure.

Criticality Alerts

Assess and determine the criticality of vulnerabilities present within your organisation. Our severity level framework provides customers with an indication of the seriousness of the issue and the timescales in which they need to be fixed.

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